The RC Concept R&D team tested numerous cells before choosing these high quality, low resistance ones. These batteries allow all racers to have the maximum power and the maximum runtime in both their 2wd and 4wd vehicles. All batteries are tested before shipping in order to have the best quality control.


The new Omega HV LiPo batteries have a higher nominal voltage (3.8V vs 3.7V) and can be charged up to 4.35V/Cell. The higher voltage allows for more performance and more capacity for the same battery size, they are the next step of LiPo battery technology.


With the HV LiPo batteries, the discharge curve is flatter, meaning the cells maintain higher voltage throughout the discharge cycle – with no significant drop off.


The GRAVITY line of RC Concept is thinner and lighter: 6mm lower and 25% lighter. The center of gravity of your car will be lower allowing more corner speed.


– Extra low IR
– 3.8V nominal voltage (up to 4.35V/cell voltage)
– Extreme power output
– Enhanced Energy Density
– 120C discharge rate

– 4mm Gold coated connectors
– 2mm Gold coated balance connector
– Extra dean Plug included



– 93mm x 47mm x 18mm

– 140g


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